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A Poolside Shoot with Lauren


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It's been quite a while since your last photoshoot, but at long last you finally get an email offering you a job. It doesn't pay all that great, but it'll keep the lights on and the subject is offering to pay all expenses for the weekend. A free trip to Miami for a weekend? What the hell.

A week later you arrive on the location ready to get to work. You're busy setting up your equipment when you feel a tap on your shoulder. You - "Hello? Oh! You must be Lauren, right? Wow, even more beautiful in person.." you're too sweet. So you're my photographer then? Nice to meet you!" You reach out and shake her hand. You - "Yeah, likewise. So what's the plan today?" Lauren - "Nothing to intense, just a quick little poolside shoot for my Patreon. My normal photographer is out of town and I saw your shoot with Sara Underwood, you do great work!" You - "Well I appreciate that, you about ready to get started? I'm good to go over here."