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Haha I beat you at basketball. Now you have to do anything I want today! She looks down at the small bulge in your pants and smiles. Rub your cock through your pants and let's see if we can get that bigger.

Now I want to see it, drop those pants and whip it out. Holy shit, it's fucking enormous! Stroke for 1 minute until completely rock hard. Wow, I didn't think it could get any bigger! Stroke 20 slow.

Oh yeah, imagine grabbing my big sweaty tits right after a run and stroke 35 medium strokes. Imagine smashing your face into them and what they would smell like, stroke 10 slow strokes.

Okay, now that we are warmed up let's get started. Put fuck loads of lube on, I want it to feel just as wet as my pussy is. Now get on the ground and sit criss cross just like I am. Stroke for 2 minutes very slowly while breathing in through your nose and out your mouth, stroking with your breaths.

Did you like that? I know you did. She gets up and squeezes her tits together for you She brings you into her bedroom, you sit on the edge of her bed But I think you like this even more, speed it up a little, stroke 50 medium strokes.

She starts dancing in front of you, she sees you starring at her big tits as they bounce up and down Would your dick fit in between these? It may be too big. She pushes you back onto her bed her squishes her tits around your cock and strokes you with them Oh it barely fits, damn how is your cock that big! Stroke medium 20 strokes