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AriaSaki destroys your ass and balls

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44 minutes


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[ CBT ]  |  [ Assplay ]


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[ AriaSaki ]

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Hi there we are going to have so much fun today but first get something for me

Let's start by rubbing yourself through your pants

Now let me see that big bulge of yours

Don't touch your dick yet squeeze those balls as hard as you can

Now massage them and tie them as tight as you can and admire my cleavage

Now we can start going with you cock tease your tip by drawing circles with your finger

Start stroking now don't go to fast take it easy

We stop with teasing now go as fast as you can

Now get your index finger lubed and tease your asshole

Now put it as deep as you can and keep your tempo

Let's try 2 fingers now lube your middle finger and put both of them inside your ass

Oh fuck you're turning me on keep going and speed up

Now leave 1 finger in your ass how you like it and squeeze those balls as hard as you would like to squeeze my beautiful tits

Your dick is looking like it needs some attention keep teasing your ass with 1 finger and start stroking

Let's mix it up now stroke your cock with two hands you can't handle that big of a dick with only one

You like my tities don't you keep going with both hands imagine your dick is between them

Hands from your cock now if you edged or were close to edging slap your balls 5 times

Get back to your ass now we try 3 fingers now don't rush be gentle

Watching you makes me wanna play with my ass keep going baby

Keep going and tie that string even tighter to the level that it is really uncomfortable.

Again left one finger in your ass and slap your balls then squeeze them

Punch them harder now you need to earn your orgasm

Okay you can loose the tie a bit and massage those balls also put 2nd finger in your ass

Oh your cock got really thirsty you can touch it now but don't stroke tease tip as you like

Oh it got even bigger now let's give you what you deserve

You like my cosplay ?