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Backstage with Ariana Grande

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24 minutes


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[ Edging ]


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[ Ariana Grande ]

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You have managed to win VIP tickets to meet Ariana Grande backstage after one of her concerts. You are super nervous as you knock on the door to her room.

Ariana - "Oh, hello! You're the person who gets to meet me? Awesome, come in." You - "I just want to say how much of an impact your mus-" Ariana - "Drop your pants." You - "Um, what?" Ariana - "Drop your pants, show me your cock." You - "Seriously?" Ariana - "I've been on tour for the last few months, I haven't had any dick. Please." You - "Well, if you insist…" You drop your pants to your ankles. Ariana quickly gets on her knees in front of you. She begins rubbing your cock gently through your underwear.