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Barbara Palvin Destroys you

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23 minutes


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[ CBT ]  |  [ Teasing ]  |  [ Edging ]  |  [ Endurance/Stamina ]  |  [ Denial ]  |  [ Femdom ]


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[ Barbara Palvin ]

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Hey there. It's my understanding that you've been looking at me through my windows recently, and you were caught by my guards today. Well, since you like looking at me so much, this punishment should be no problem at all for you. Just do all that I say.

Then continue.

First I'll show you my swimsuits, then we can get into the more fun outfits. How is this one? Actually, I don't care what you think. Slap your balls 20 times. It's what you deserve.

Now I'll give you 20 superslow strokes.

Here's a challenge. You may stroke 40 times slowly to my face. Each time you look away from my face you need to punch your balls 5 times.

Do you like your balls being destroyed by a goddess like me? I hope so. This is only the beginning. 30 super slow strokes again.

And now squeeze your balls painfully for 60 medium paced strokes.

You had better not cum early, otherwise you need to restart this session, with double the CBT. I promise you, you won't like that. Reach an edge to this pic then move on while on edge.

Now that you're here on edge, roll a dice. I hope you're lucky! If you rolled… 1: Restart this session