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Battle of the Butts 4 - Iggy Azalea

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52 minutes


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[ Endurance/Stamina ]  |  [ Edging ]  |  [ Ass worship ]


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[ Iggy Azalea ]

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Oh hey there Mr Judge. I've been expecting you! I don't know if you've heard, but I have a reputation for being a dominant, demanding bitch. My favorite thing is to make men torture themselves just so that they can have a look at my big booty. Once I even made a man suck off my bodyguard just so that I would let him eat out my asshole. But today I'm going to take a break from being dominant. I want to win this competition and get to the grand final! So today I'm your submissive little slut. Would you like that, Mr Judge?

Have you ever jerked off to me before, Mr Judge? Don't be embarrassed! You can tell me! It gets me so fucking wet to think about thousands of dicks all around the world being milked in honor of my slutty, plastic body. This body is made to get dicks hard. Speaking of hard dicks… I think I can see a bulge in those pants!

I can't take my eyes off that bulge! You must think I'm such a little whore. I just can't help it. I love dick. I love all kinds of dick. Well, not little dicks obviously. But I can see you're clearly packing.