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Become Sommer Ray's Slave - Day 1 of 6 (Devotion)

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17 minutes


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[ CBT ]  |  [ Teasing ]  |  [ Denial ]  |  [ Edging ]  |  [ Femdom ]  |  [ Endurance/Stamina ]


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[ Sommer Ray ]

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Hey, welcome potential new slave. So you want to become my permanent slave?? Someone that can satisfy MY fantasies?? Someone that doesn't say NO to me?? A complete slave?? You seem to like the idea…… Say out loud (or whisper) "Yes mistress, Sommer, I WANT TO BE YOUR SLAVE" GREAT, but that's not enough…… I need to test you before you can sign the contract… So before we continue you need to answer the following questions out loud (or whisper) with "YES Sommer" (even a single NO means you can leave) I'm willing to deny myself for Sommer… I will listen to Sommer… I will stop looking at other woman…… Great, this is going to be FUN

Okay your training has started, time to learn the basics of being my slave. First, my training will be 3 days, after those days I will decide if you can become my full time slave. Second, you must understand that I OWN YOU, and especially your cock. It's the same anyway… own a mans cock and you own him. So say out loud (or whisper), "Sommer ray owns my cock".