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Betraying your girlfriend for Mia Malkova’s feet [XL]


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13 minutes


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[ Foot worshipping ]


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[ Mia Malkova ]

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" = someone is talking to you / = you talking to someone Your girlfriend annoyed you all winter to go at the SPA as soon as summer comes. Summer has arrived and your girlfriend is really excited to finally relax here with you. Sincerely? You are not. This place is so boring, my god… Child running and screaming everywhere, mosquitoes and… wait… is that… Mia Malkova?

You can't believe your eyes, it's her… for sure. You don't even know how many times you jacked off for her… and her feet. That cheeks has an incredible pair of cute feet. You are staring at her like a maniac; but it's the first time you see a pornstar in real life.

She probably noticed you watching her. She removes her sunglasses and stares right at you. Her feet are up, you are trying to focus but cannot stop envisioning eating those toes right there… right where they are now. Yeah, in front of everybody… who gives a fuck. You rather have her feet in your mouth than fuck your girlfriend, and that's for sure. Without even realizing it, you are walking towards her… you are really close now.

"Hi… " she's surely talking to you. That's ok. She's just a girl talking to you, no more. But those soles… oh god, you can perfectly see them now. You would pay anything to bathe them with your mouth… "Sorry for the strange question but… do you know if it's allowed to go full nude inside this place?" What a hoe she is Mmmmm… I don't really know it… it's my first time here and…