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[ Billie Eilish ]

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Hey it's me Billie, it's time for you to stroke for me. Start by getting naked and hard. 50 medium pace strokes.

Does that feel good? I hope so. But everything good comes at a cost. Do 50 more strokes and when you're done punch your balls 20 times hard

Was that a little painful? Good. I hope so. Now give me 40 slow strokes while squeezing your balls as hard as you can.

Now use lube or spit on your dick head and palm the tip of your dick 60 times. It should be very sensitive. If it isn't you're doing it wrong.

Time for me to give a little. Look at my cleavage and give me 30 fast strokes. When you're done punch your balls 10 times for each of my tits (20 total.

Now it's time for you to stroke 70 times slowly while squeezing your balls. Really make it hurt.

Now use one finger to rub your frenulum 50 times quickly.

Watch this gif of me 10 times while stroking at a medium pace before moving on.

Stroke to my hot face until you reach an edge. Then move on. You will cum to the next picture after rolling a dice to decide how you will cum. Good luck.

Now roll a dice to decide how you cum… or don't.