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After five months of work, it was easy to declare, this was the best job you had ever had. A simple waiter in an ultra private restaurant for the wildly rich and famous. but the pay was outrageous and the job was easy. Just do whatever the customer wants. you knew your job was about to get a lot harder. and had already called upon you twelve times, sometimes just for fun. The Huntress. Dove, a funny name for little succubus. Clearly the leader of this pack. A maneater who could seduce anyone she desired. It was impossible not to imagine her pouty red licks around your cock every time you looked at her face. Especially considering she had unabashedly and repeatedly stroked your inner thigh every time they had called upon you.

The Angel. Olivia. she wanted to let her inner slut loose. There was something incredibly arousing about her feigned ignorance to Dove's sexual advances. There was hidden desire in her eyes every time you'd notice her glace at your hardening cock.

The Rebel. Sabrina. The youngest, her ID telling you she had only recently turned 18. but she wanted to be bad. The Huntress would bring her that. Her eyes were focused directly on your own while Dove stroked. She wanted you to know she knew exactly how stimulated you were becoming.