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Brie Larson punishes you for being a Perv

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17 minutes


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[ CEI ]  |  [ CBT ]  |  [ Assplay ]


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[ Brie Larson ]

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For this JOIP, you will need: A permanent marker, an elastic band, a cup, lube, and a dildo/toy/something to fuck your ass with. Anything Brie does to you, you must also do to yourself Respond to any of Brie's questions out loud

"Hey, you there! What's your name?"

"You know I caught you staring at me, right? Are you some kind of pervert or something?"

"What is it about me that brings out all of you creepy pervs?" Brie notices the bulge growing in your pants "Are you hard? That's fucking disgusting. I think you need a lesson on how to stop being such a horny loser."

Brie grabs your crotch and squeezes, hard. "Follow me. Leave your clothes behind, you won't need anything on for what I'm about to do to you."

"While we're walking, tie up your balls tight, loser-boy. I want to see them nice and swollen"

"Since you're already a little hard, why don't you tease yourself for me nice and slow. I want you to feel every touch. Don't you dare cum or you won't get any pleasure out of the rest of this."

"Here we are. Keep teasing yourself gently and slowly."