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Brooke Monk sissification


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[ Sissyplay ]


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[ Brooke Monk ]

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Hey I'm Brooke I've got you for today

Come on then let's see it strip naked

WHAT! What the fuck was Anna thinking she said you were big, well this ruins my plans although… it does open up some overs.

For this you'll need Makeup Panties One clean, One dirty Heels A "Toy" Vibrator Rope

Okay sissy put on your clean panties and bra and then put on your heels

Now get yourself dolled up sissy with your makeup like me

Come on like me I want to see you show off your slutty body Dance around for 1 minute like the the slut you are

Right sissy you've had your fun now it's time to do some bondage

Okay read this https://www . answers . com/Q/How_do_you_hogtie_yourself and then do it Tie yourself up

Right Sissy now that you're tied I'm going to take off my panties now normally that would mean you'll get to fuck me but seeing as your small sissy bitch these are goin in your mouth Stuff the dirty panties in your mouth

Awww do you like the taste of my pussy sissy if you were a real man it would be me who was tied up.

But sadly for you your just a sissy bitch who's about to be penetrated

So Sissy its time for you to be fucked in your "pussy" I'm going to put this vibrator as far as it will go Shove your vibrator as far it will go and put it on its highest setting Okay bye sissy I'm going to leave you for 15 mins try not to cum I'll be back