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You went to a party at a nearby college, and got blackout drunk… you wake up on someone's couch, not remembering half the night "Hey, you passed out last night and me and my friends decided to take you in and help clean you up a bit… also… your phone was open and we decided to go through it." sobering up a little, you realize who's talking to you, it's Brooke Monk! Your tik tok crush Wh- Why? "I know, it's bad, but we were drunk and it seemed like fun. Why do you have so many pictures of my tik toks saved on your phone? What do you do with them?" you blush, knowing full well what you do with them, and manage to stutter something out I-I-I just look at them. You're, uhh, very pretty.

"Well, I can see that you like looking at them, but what do you do with them besides that? I'm just curious." unsure how to answer in a way that doesn't make you a total creep, you just flat out say it Honestly, Brooke… they're my… you know… pictures "Oh. Well… wow, I don't really know how to respond to that, but it's surprisingly hot… can you show me what you do to them?" What do you mean? "Like… with yourself… can you show me, in front of me?"