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Caity Lotz CBT with optional Assplay and CEI

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Hey there! I'm looking for a submissive slave. You seem like a good fit but you need to prove it to me.

So let's get to it. Strip down naked for me and use this pic to get hard.

Seriously that's it? How pathetic! Stroke it slowly for me.

Mmmmm, not too bud slut. Maybe speed up a bit while you look me in the eyes and say thank you! 20 medium strokes and say thank you Mistress Lotz

Haha this is so pathetic. Spit on your dick and stroke a bit more. I wanna see your cock wet as if my mouth was wrapped around it. Spit on your dick and stroke slowly 30 times

You like it when I bend over like this don't you? What would you do if I was like this Infront of you?

Good boy! Now imagine fucking me while you lick my feet.

Mmmmm maybe I underestimated you. Now lick your finger for me! Make sure you get it real wet. Lick any finger of your choice till it's super wet

That's right! That finger is going up your ass. Stick it up there for your mistress.