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Camila Cabello makes you edge for her

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27 minutes


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[ Edging ]  |  [ Teasing ]


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[ Camila Cabello ]

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Hey there pretty little thing! I'm Camila and I know exactly why you are here. Obey my instructions and we can both have fun today.

Today, you are going to go on an edging adventure, so first, you will need to get that dick rock hard. Rub your pants until you start to grow, then remove all your clothing.

Admire my perfect face! Stroke one out slowly for 40 strokes. We are not moving on until your dick is 100% hard.

Do my soft, bouncy tits help you out? Of course they do! Continue to stroke that big dick of yours slowly 40 more times. I think it can get even bigger.

I can tell you are eager to stroke faster. let's not go too fast, yet. Pump your dick at a moderate speed until you have seen me shake my round ass at least 6 times.

Stroke as slow and as soft as possible. My sexy legs need more than just a minute of your time. When you are stroking, try to pull harder on the top of your head to really drive your penis crazy. Stroke for at least a minute, but feel free to spend more time if you really want to earn my favor.

I knew my perfect bikini body never feels to get the job done. I know you want to stroke fast now and I think you deserve it for obeying my instructions. Stroke 100 times fast for my sexy bikini or my beautiful gaze.

You will learn very soon that I got an ass worth edging too. Still, I can still flaunt my cleavage when I want to get any guy's attention. Take both hands and slowly stroke your whole shaft.