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7 minutes


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[ Choices ]  |  [ Edging ]


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[ Camila Cabello ]

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There she is. Just sat there on the other side of the room. You can feel yourself beginning to bulge in your pants just from her being in your sight.

Suddenly she looks over in your direction as you are clearly eyeing her up and down, admiring her beauty whilst you are palming the bulge over your pants.

She gets up from her chair and walks over to you. You quickly remove your hand from your bulge as she stands next to you, whilst all you can do is admire her body.

"I saw you stroking your bulge to me from across the room and to be honest it's not the first time I've noticed someone doing this" "I'm so sorry I didn't mea…", you say "There's no need to be sorry. Why don't we take this to my hotel room and I'll sort this problem of yours out?"

As you and Camila head to her hotel room, she rubs your cock over your pants till you arrive to the room.

As you arrive in the hotel room she continues to rub your cock over your pants whilst begging to make out with you. Your hands are on her waist pulling her close so you can feel her on you.

She takes out your cock and is surprised by the size of your dick. "Wow this is one of the biggest I've ever seen! But don't cum!"

Camila moves back onto the couch whilst you begin to jerk your dick "So tell me what your favourite feature is about me"

"Maybe it's my cute little tits"

"Or maybe it's my cheeky smile on this slutty face of mine"