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CBT and Breathplay with Kendall

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12 minutes


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[ CBT ]  |  [ Breathplay ]  |  [ Spit Play ]


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[ Kendall Jenner ]

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do you feel lucky today? are you trying to figure out if I'm one of the good ones? don't you dare touch your cock until I tell you

we have no use for them here.. and get that dick out and get it hard theres no time for slack at least 10 times..

still guessing? wondering how its going to end? about cumming for me.. do you have a puddle around your balls now? and let your cock throb with your hands in the air.. make sure you get them all nice and covered in that spit.. and count to 20.. you might as well fuck off because us girls don't fuck with no pussy boys..

are you ready? are you desperate to stroke for me? repeat every word.. please kendall let me stroke please!" hahahaha listen to you! have you ever actually been fucked? it must be so hard to get pussy being such a fucking loser.. start stroking for me..

and lets do something with that other hand shall we? it just seems pointless to have a good hand over there not doing anything isnt it? and don't pussy out. you can thank me for each one of them..