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Celeb Brothel - Margot Robbie

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35 minutes


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[ Edging ]


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[ Margot Robbie ]

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Hey there! You here to bust a fat load for me? I would very much appreciate that watching guys cum is one of my favorite things to do! When I heard about this brothel there was no question I was going to start working here! But enough about me let me see that dick!

Yummy! That looks tasty! Let me see you work the head of that dick for a little while I wanna get that sensitivity up!

Beautiful! Just keep working that head for me maybe use a little spit and up the pace.

Mmmmm Now lets get you stroking spit on that dick and slow stroke it for me I want to see it glisten with spit.

That looks so nice! Make sure to keep that dick lubed up with spit! then pick the pace up!

Now just remember throughout my session to keep spitting on that dick! I want that dick to shine the whole time! Now let me see you slow stroke and rub them nice balls ever so slightly.

Looking good! Now let me see you pick the pace up! I wanna see you stroke the head of your dick as fast as you can for a minute.

I love it! lets keep you working on the head of your dick for two more minutes.

Now lets give your shaft some attention cant have you very sensitive this early into our session! Remember add spit then stroke that dick nice and fast!

That dick looks amazing shining with that spit all over it. I think it needs some precum in that mix though so how about you edge for me?