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Celebrity Fucktoy JOIP

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19 minutes


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[ Taylor Swift ]

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Is that a boner I see under your pants? Oh don't think I wouldn't notice. You know what? Today you're gonna be me and my friends' little fucktoy. You like that? I bet you do you naughty little boy. You're gonna do whatever we say, OK?

Stand up and take off all your clothes. That's right, we're getting right to it. And give me a show, shake your butt for me. Mmmmm that's nice.

Wow your cock is so big and hard. I want you to press that cock right up against my face. Stroke it 10 times right in front of me. That's it.

Now I want you to turn around, bend over, and spread your butt cheeks. C'mon, don't be shy, Daisy Ridley wants to see your asshole. Hold that position for 10 seconds.

Wow, that's a nice butthole. I'd love to get my tongue deep in there and lick your asshole. Can't you just imagine me with a line of spit from my pretty mouth to your butthole, eating it up like a meal? I bet you do all the time. Sit down, spread your legs, and stroke your cock 10 times for me at a medium, loose pace.

Don't forget to play with your balls too! 20 strokes, keep a nice medium pace. That's it.