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Cheerleader Katie

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Katie - "Uh, is that it?" You - "no.." Katie - "And you really thought that that thing would be enough for a classy lady like me? just get stroking I guess."

keep stroking that tiny cock."

Not like your arm can be tired stroking that little dick.."

Katie- "Well at least your not a one pump chump, you know? And you're probably pretty used to your own hand aren't you? until you're about to cum, but don't you dare do it."

Katie- "Now slow down, you strike me as a guy who doesn't last long."

Katie - "You're not going to cum for me until I'm sure you are going to at least give me cumshot fit for a lady of my calibre, so get stroking nice and fast for me again.

maybe you're not so bad after all…"

Katie - "Edge for me again!"

Katie - "And slow again, maybe play with those little balls down there as well."

Katie - "And speed it up a little, keep moving those little nuggets around for a while too."