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Chloe Grace Moretz Has a Crush on Her Bodyguard (Story, Slow build, romantic, wholesome, Oral)

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18 minutes


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[ Teasing ]


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[ Chloe Grace Moretz ]

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You've been working as a bodyguard for Chloe Grace Moretz for several months now. Chauffeuring her to and from events, protecting her from fans and paparazzi, escorting her at premiers.

The job mostly involves just escorting her on her day-to-day business. It's mundane, but it pays well.

Thankfully, Chloe is much less of a diva than other celebrity clients you've worked for. In fact, the two of you have even developed a friendship over the months. All things considered, it's a pretty good gig. And, of course, the view is quite pleasant.

But as you arrive to pick her up from her apartment today, you notice the paparazzi are much more active than normal.

When Chloe finally arrives, you notice she seems a bit off. You escort her to the car and finally she sighs and says, "I'm guessing you've already heard? My boyfriend and I broke up."

Suddenly everything starts to click. A part of you is relieved, since you never liked her asshole boyfriend anyway. She could've done better all along. But it's the sort of thing that will lead to more media drama. All you want to do is protect Chloe from the harassment of the media.

"It's bad timing, I know. With the awards show tonight, it's going to be a mess. But I just couldn't take it anymore. He didn't make me happy."

Chloe is mostly silent for the rest of the car ride. It's clear she's under a lot of stress.

As you escort her out of the car and to her first appointment, she clings to your arm. "Thank you. For, um, being here for me and all.