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[ Endurance/Stamina ]  |  [ Edging ]

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Who the fuck are you, and what are you doing in my room?! Are you going through my laundry?! You are, aren't you… you pathetic pervert. You know trespassing is illegal right? You would risk getting arrested just to get some of my dirty panties? Well I can't let you get away with this, but at the same time, calling the cops doesn't seem fitting. I know… Get on the bed. Now. You wanted to jack off to me? Well you're going to get exactly what you wanted. Well, not me exactly, you aren't that lucky. Grab that laptop, you're going to get off to my pictures that I've posted on social media. You've probably done it before, but this time, you're going to do it exactly how I say. Be careful what you wish for, sometimes, you might get more than what you bargained for.

Lets start with something simple. Get completely naked for me. You better do as I say. don't you just love my eyes? I bet you could stare into them all day, couldn't you? Get yourself nice and hard for me as you stare at this pic. No stroking, or even touching your cock yet. If you need any help, just think about all of the things I'm going to make you do for me.

Wow… you're bigger than I expected, that's for sure, and I'm pretty confident you can get bigger. I bet you would love to touch your cock for me, wouldn't you. Well… Maybe… No, not yet.