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[ Teasing ]


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[ Corinna Kopf ]

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Her: hey! I heard you're my new neighbor. I've got to say, you're pretty cute. Why don't you come inside and have something to drink with me? I mean as long as you have no plans. you decide to take her up on that offer and follow her inside her apartment for some drinks. After all she is very cute

Her: so, let me cut to the chase. I saw you when you were looking around and I couldn't help wonder how big it is you are confused as to what she means but notice her looking at your bulge

Her: so why don't you take it out. I mean, if you're going to get hard over me, you may as well jerk off to me! you take out your dick and she seems surprised by how big it actually is

Her: Wow! That's one nice dick. Why don't you jerk it for me? Let me see how hard I really get you. corinna shows some more cleavage to you and your dick get harder and harder

Her: well I can tell you like my tits but how about my ass?