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Cum countdown with Kate and her friends

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23 minutes


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[ Kate Upton ]  |  [ Rihanna ]  |  [ Katy Perry ]  |  [ Scarlett Johansson ]

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Hey baby. Today I want you to cum for me and my friends. Next time you see me alone you will cum a huge load for me. I wish you good jerking and an intense orgasm. Have fun!

Yes my love, get fucking hard!

I would love for you to cum all over my face and tits. Please. Keep. Stroking.

Hahaa! I'm not alone! So no cumming just yet! Give us 20 pumps for each of our tits!

You know I could just suck the cum right out of your cock, right? Imagine that and get ready to cum! NOW!

Whoops! Just kidding! But I will start the countdown now. Ten. Stroke that lovely cock.

Nine. Would you rather cum fucking me doggy style?

Eight. Or me giving you the hottest blowjob of your life?