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Cum for Katie Sigmond (Edging, CBT, Palming, POT)

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42 minutes


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[ CBT ]  |  [ Edging ]  |  [ POT ]  |  [ Palming ]


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[ Katie Sigmond ]

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For this joip you'll need: something to tie ur balls up, lube if you want, and a ruler.

Hey, it's katie I know you jerk off to me every so I thought it would help. you must not cum until I say so and you must follow everything I say. Ok let's get started, strip to ur underwear and get hard.

Ok let me see that hard cock of yours. Oh wow ur pretty big. Let's start stroking, give me 50 slow strokes for my huge ass.

Wow that's hot! let's do 50 medium strokes.

I love watching you stroke! 30 slow strokes

100 medium strokes only looking in my eyes, every time you look somewhere else slap ur balls 25 times hard.

100 more strokes to my eyes, same punishments.

wow you got so close to cumming. Tie up ur cock and balls and watch ur cock twitch for a whole minute!

50 fast stroke one ur done slap ur balls 25 times with the ruler!

Medium strokes until edge then flick the head of ur dick 10 times. Make it sting!

doesn't my ass look incredible in this photo! give me 50 slow strokes while telling me all the things you would do to this huge ass.

Imagine me crushing ur balls in these heels, that would be so hot!! punch ur balls 5 times.

50 fast strokes

100 medium strokes while squeezing ur balls as hard as you can. If you ever squeeze lighter or let go, edge and flick the tip of ur dick 25 times. Oh also lick of the pre cum of ur dick there should be a lot!