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Cum for Nikki


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You - "Open up, Nikki, I'm cumming in your mouth.." Brie - 'Fuck! Seriously?" Nikki - "Tough luck Brie! Let me taste your cum!" You stick your dick in her mouth and Nikki does the rest, bobbing up and down on your cock while she plays with your balls, and soon you feel yourself cumming in her mouth, and her tongue gives your tip a few final lashes before you pull yourself out. Nikki - "Come here, Brie, it's too much for me." Brie walks over to Nikki and they start swapping your cum, before they both swallow your load.

but I have to choose Nikki." Nikki - "YES! I knew you would choose me! Where do you want to cum, babe?" You - "All over those tits." Brie - "I hate you, Nikki." Nikki - "How about you make him cum?