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Daddy, did you miss me?

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Did daddy miss his little girl?

I bet u miss the thought of jerking off to my petite body daddy

So do you want your little girl to be a good girl or a naughty girl daddy

With your cock that hard with your thoughts of fucking me on the top or bottom I guess you do want me to be a naughty girl

Come on daddy, take your fat cock out and start stroking for me

Does your babys sexy stomach and ass turn you on daddy? Oh daddy you're so naughty

So how do u want your little girl looking cute while u stroke?

Maybe u want me to show a little more of my stomach for daddy to bust his load on?

or maybe u want this cute little top so u can rip it and pound me

or do u want a dress so daddy can stick his fingers all over my tight pussy

All these dresses and clothes are about to make you cum daddy? Get ready for me

Bust your load all over me daddy drench me with your hot cum like I know you have been begging to do you nasty little pervert

Your little girl is a pervert too, give me more if that semen daddy, keep pumping your fat cock until I've drained you like the naughty, dirty little slut I am daddy