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Day 2 - Sommer Ray (Devotion)


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[ Sommer Ray ]

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Welcome back my little slave in training. Today is going to be fun! You're super horny for me after the 24 hours. Let's start with your mantra, getting hard without touching shouldn't be a problem! Do the mantra naked, I want to see my slave. After doing your mantra you can stroke MY cock 30 times SLOW. And stay on your knees!

Look at you naked and vulnerable Give me 50 fast strokes, afterwards 10 REALLY SLOW ones. End with the mantra and afterwards you can sit down.

You seem to get the hang of it. The mantra is starting to work, it seems like your understanding who owns your cock. Because of this I'm going to be honest with you. You're not going to cum today… Real slaves deny themselves without a any objection or second thoughts, but tomorrow you will cum. That is how you're going to sign the slave contract. The denial is your proof of commitment. Tomorrow you will unload your loyalty on the slave contract and I will see that as your signature. 10 slow strokes and follow up with a few slaps on your full balls.

But that is for tomorrow… … …