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Day 3 - Sommer Ray (Devotion)


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[ Sommer Ray ]

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Hi hi, today is your big day. Just look how excited you are already. Do I see a bulge in your pants? Did the deny hurt so much???? haha no worries you'll cum today. Did you bring the paper and pen? if not, get them now! Start with your mantra REMEMBER NO TOUCHING. Since today is special do the mantra 3 times. (a normal mantra is 10 times twitching and saying sommer owns my cock) Afterwards you can stroke my cock 50 times at medium speed.

Ok time to show me what you're worth. Don't forget that you're still in training! Removes all your clothes and find something to tie your balls. Tie them real good, because they're really full. Now give those balls 10 slaps, make them red for me.

Keep your balls tied, and give me 50 medium strokes. When you're done do 10 slow strokes while saying how much you love me.

Time to stand in your room, just look at you, you're completely naked with tied red and blue balls. That is how I like my slave :D

Remove the tie, time to show your loyalty. You can lay down and we can talk about the contrac… … … … Oh my phone rings. Hold on a sec, I be back soon

Okaaaaaay this is awkward… …