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Day 3 - Sommer Ray (Kendall Jenner)


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[ Sommer Ray ]  |  [ Kendall Jenner ]

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Hey Hey, what is this? Some weak fuck that ran away from Nicki? Too scared to learn some tricks? This is not good… slaves should just obey… Sommer has not trained you well… You need better training… I feel like doing some charity, so let me help you. I think that Sommer would not be happy with someone that ran away Yes I'm that nice. Yes Kendall Jenner will help some weak slave boy WTF!!! What are your doing???? how are you not kneeling on the floor naked with your fucking face on the FLOOR. Do it NOW!! FOR fuck's sake I EXPECTED YOU TO KNEEL THE MOMENT I TOLD YOU THAT I WILL HELP YOU GOD THIS GOING TO BE WORK

Look up, my legs are so long and beautiful, how about a few strokes for them? Start with 30 slow strokes and 30 even slower strokes afterwards. OMG USELESS… that is not slow… do 10 even fucking slower strokes… …