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Day 3 - Sommer Ray (Nicki Minaj part)


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[ Sommer Ray ]

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Welcome slave, Sommer handed you over for today, so I can train you. This is going to be a hard and long training my little boy. Can you show me the mantra sommer learned you?

Oh look how cute, that is NOT how you please her. Yes she told you to do that but it's up to you to surprise her by improving the mantra! I'll show you later how! Give me 70 fast strokes first and stay on your knees.

Stroke 30 times medium and 30 slow strokes, afterwards tap the tip of sommers cock with your finger 20 times. If you get any pre-cum on it, eat it. Flick sommers cock 5 times, 10 SLOW strokes, flick sommers cock 5 times and finish with 2 hard slaps on that dick!

Okay let's fix your mantra now, you should make her feel like you're super horny for her. I want you to do the mantra 2 (20 twitches total) times but add in the humping movement. Make it look like you can't control your inner lust for sommer. Great great, but you can do more! Do the same again, but afterwards slap sommers cock, do 5 slaps and say: "I'm not worthy of doing this mantra for sommer" Nice, now the next time she asks you to do the mantra show her your new tricks! You can sit again.

Watch this for 4 rotations and jerk at MAX speed. And don't even think about cumming!