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Day 4 - Sommer Ray (Devotion)


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[ Sommer Ray ]

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Sorry for the extra day… I Hope Nicki trained you well… on the bright side today will be amazing for you! Someone will even help to build up a mega load for that slave contract! I hope you have a pen and paper! Now do 50 medium strokes to get started!

So… I got Camila Cabello for you! She will help me today! I will get her now! Do 20 slow strokes in the time I'm gone

Bella Hadid was also standing in front of the door… She told me you had a session planned with her? I cannot recall that? If you went with Kendall yesterday go here: https://imgur . com/a/Yz8Wj4o or

So you did not plan a session with her? That is weird, oh well I will let her out. In the meantime you can play with Camila! I bragged so much about you! I told her you would never cum for her haha. So be prepared for her trying her very best!