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Dixie D'Amelio and Addison Rae edge you

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9 minutes


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[ Edging ]


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[ Dixie D'Amelio ]  |  [ Addison Rae ]

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Hey I heard you've had a crush on me so I thought I'd help you out how about you start with 20 slow strokes

It must be nice for your dream to come true to get to jack off to me letting me lead you through it now give me 45 fast strokes

Now look at how beautiful my body is in the stripes so close to see my pussy but yet just out of reach now give me 20 medium strokes

Imagine wrapping your hands around my skinny body and letting you take control but for now I need 25 medium strokes

Look how hot my ass is in this picture I want you to free stroke for 20 seconds

Look at how beautiful my small titties are now give me 15 fast strokes

Imagine me walking up to you and rubbing your bulge through your pants now edge for me

Just look at me trying to show off my small pretty tits can I get 15 slow strokes

Imagine walking out on your deck and seeing me waiting for you wanting to show you a real good night now give me 30 medium strokes

Look at me noticing you looking at me and trying to impress you with my hot body give me 25 slow strokes for my hot bod

Look at my ass and tell me what you do with it in a night and free stroke it for 15 seconds

I didn't want to show you this guy I wanted to let you know I've been practicing for a night with you to happen now give me practicing 20 medium strokes

Now for the next three pics me and Addison want you to free stroke for us 15 seconds each

Look at me just trying to make sure you notice my hot tight body give my tits 15 medium strokes