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Dominated by Jena Frumes (Sissyplay, assplay, oralplay and cei)

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13 minutes


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[ Assplay ]  |  [ CEI ]  |  [ Sissyplay ]


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[ Jena Frumes ]

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Ugh, finally you are here. Took you long enough. I heard that today I'm gonna make you my bitch, is that so? Well before we start here is what you will need A toy for your ass (preferably a dildo) Lube (or use spit) Thats all I need to make you my little toy for the night. Some ground rules for you though. If you forget, then slap your balls 5 times hard. 2. If you skip anything, I want you to slap your balls as hard as possible 3 times. See, its not too hard to be my good little whore.

So I'll start off lovely and nice: get your cock hard. I wanna see what I'm working with here.

Is that all? Ugh, fine put 1 pump of lube on your cock. Now give me 15 slow strokes.

Add another pump of lube and give me 25 medium strokes

Ok now lube up your longest finger… and circle your tight innocent little hole for me, 10 times superslow.

Mmmmm yeah that looks so good. Now slip that finger all the way inside your ass and finger your ass hard with 10 pumps leaving it in deep after the 10th.

Now take out your finger and clean it. Now suck on it for 10 seconds.

Good boy! You deserve a little treat after that, so give yourself 45 seconds to stroke your cock anyway you want for me. Don't forget to say yes mistress.