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Dua Lipa Busts Your Balls - Day 1

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[ Dua Lipa ]

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Hey, I'm Dua. We're going to have some fun over the next seven days.  Stand up straight, take your clothes off and tie up your balls while admiring my perfect tits.

Holy shit, is your dick really that small? Give it ten hard slaps for me. Each slap should be loud enough for the neighbours to hear.

Since this is our first day together, I'll go easy on you. Warm-up your balls with fifty hard punches. You should floor yourself at least once while doing this. If not, keep punching yourself until you have. You should be worshiping my pussy and face while you do this; punches done not looking at me don't count.

Good boy. As a reward, you'll get to see some of my ass. You may give me fifty strokes. While stroking, start massaging your balls to prepare for the next stage.

Did you enjoy that? I hope you did because that's the most stroking you'll be doing for a long time. Start squeezing your balls, each hand holding a testicle, while looking at my face. Don't stop until one minute of your computer clock has passed. After the minute has passed, continue squeezing while looking at my tits. Do this for another minute.  You may take a short break, before squeezing to my exposed pussy. Do this until you floor yourself.

Did that hurt? If it did, close the tab right now.