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Dua Lipa Busts Your Balls - Day 2

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[ Dua Lipa ]

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Hi! So glad you could join me again today. I'm feeling generous, so why not give me six, long strokes. Don't you dare cum though, or you won't get to be busted today. You may proceed to the next image when you're ready to have your balls torn off.

Oh. I forgot how small your dick was. Tie up your balls, leaving a bit of excess string to attach it to a bucket. That's right, you'll be needing a bucket for today's session. Do this session in the shower too, or if you can't, grab a couple of bottles filled with water. I hope you know what's about to happen next.

Your bucket should be attached firmly to your balls and should rest around knee height. Make sure it's secured. We won't want to have any accidents today. Pull on your bucket as hard as you can for one minute on the clock. You should be in excruciating pain while you do this. If the string around your balls or bucket loosens, retie everything. And floor yourself for being worthless.

Good boy. Hm… Why not you decide on this next step. Fill the bucket with as much water as you can take. Again, you should be in excruciating pain at the end of this.

Is that seriously all you can take?