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Dua Lipa’s Concert [JOIP]

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6 minutes


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[ Storytelling ]


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[ Dua Lipa ]

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You arrive at Dua Lipa's concert as a VIP guest, buying a normal ticket and mysteriously having it upgraded to VIP…

Dua finishes her concert to a thunderous crowd and goes backstage. You get ready to leave and jack off furiously in your car but something on your ticket catches your eye… a password and room number?

You traverse backstage and find the room number.

You walk into a room, and there sits Dua Lipa in all her beauty, half undressed!

"You're here because you have a reputation for being… annoyingly perverse at my concerts, but this time I've decided to indulge you." It's your lucky day, get undressed! Take off your pants and stroke slowly for 10 seconds

"Really, it's my beautiful face and pretty lips that people come to see, but almost none get to have them wrapped around their cock… " Fast, wet strokes for 15 seconds as Dua sucks your soul out of your cock

"How about my thighs? Would you squeeze them until they're red?" Stroke slowly for 20 seconds as Dua twirls and gives you an incredible view of her thighs

"Personally, I think my ass is real underrated, but you won't underrate it will you baby?" Fast, tight strokes for 25 seconds as you show Dua that there's no way you would ever underrate her ass

"I don't understand how it's underrated, just look at that ass!" Continue with the fast, tight strokes for 20 seconds as you destroy Dua's ass, loving every moment of it

"How about this bikini? You like it? I don't, tear it off me"