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Dua Lipa's new slave pet

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25 minutes


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[ BDSM ]  |  [ Femdom ]


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[ Dua Lipa ]

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Start naked. This is what you need for this JOIP: - One panty - Ruler - Marker - Toy (biggest you got) - lube (or oil) - string - collar (or two socks) 6 days ago you got an invitation from an anonymous person to come to a certain address. It looked very suspicious but you still decided to go there. After a long journey of hours you arrived at the address in London. 2 men opened the door, handcuffed and blindfolded you and put you in a cage in the basement of the house. They took your phone and clothes and gave you a chastity cage. After 6 days of living in the dark with no food, just water, someone opened the door. It's Dua Lipa! are you surprised to see me? I thought so."

I know that you are worshipping me for a long time now, that makes you the perfect slave!" I don't know if you can here me upstairs every night, but those screams are mine.