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Edging On Cam With Pokimane


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[ Pokimane ]

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In a surprising turn of events, Pokimane decided that she would not renew her partnership contract with Twitch, and she would instead sign a new one, with a different company. Rumours were spreading across the internet, as her fans were expecting her to move over to YouTube, but they were completely shocked when she announced that she would be moving to Chaturbate instead. She later stated that her first streams on Chaturbate would not be public, and she would be doing a few private shows to ease into the site. She organised a raffle on her Twitter page to decide who would get to join her for her first private, one-on -one, Chaturbate show. Surprisingly, you managed to win the raffle. Pokimane sent you a DM with a link, a time and a date. When the time finally arrived, you eagerly clicked the link.

The video buffers for a moment, and then, sitting and waiting for you in her computer chair is Pokimane. "Oh my god, hi! Thank you for showing up!" She smiles gleefully at you. You excitedly type into the chat. YOU: "Hey Poki :D You look incredible wow.." She reads your comment and she smiles. "Aww, thanks! Although… I do think I'd look better without this on…" She lifts up her shirt and pulls it over her head, revealing her bare breasts. Her titties were a decent size, with tiny areolas and hard nipples. She was obviously very horny already.