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Edging With Sophie Turner & Maisie Williams (Cum For Maisie Williams)

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6 minutes


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[ Edging ]

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Maisie - "Oh fuck daddy, I knew you couldn't resist me. Mmmmm yes daddy… you're gonna give all your hot cum to me… " Maisie drops to her knees and slides her mouth over your cock and begins deepthroating you Your cock slides softly against the back of her throat.

Maisie - "Mmmmm fuck daddy, your balls are so full. You must want to fucking explode right now! You want to cum all over my face, don't you daddy?" Maisie presses her tongue to your cock and flicks and swirls it firmly against the sensitive tip. Your toes curl as you throb into her mouth.

Maisie sucks the tip of your cock while both of her hands are wrapped around your shaft, enthusiastically stroking you up and down.

Maisie - "Mmmmm fuck baby. I want your cum so bad. I just know how perfect it's going to taste… just give it to me."

Maisie - "Mmmmm fuck daddy. We're almost there… are you ready to blow the best load of your life? Ready to fill my throat with your creamy nut?"