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Elizabeth Olsen needs a new boyfriend (Storytelling, Realistic, Teasing, Dirty Talk, Instructions Free)

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23 minutes


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[ Teasing ]  |  [ Storytelling ]


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[ Elizabeth Olsen ]

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You are out on a date with a girl you met days before. You are not really enjoying her company, though. She's really annoying… when she talks you can't help by being distracted by anything else. She keeps talking… you are watching around when. Wait a minute… is that Elizabeth Olsen?!

Right next to your table… yes… YES it's really her! She's sitting at the table talking with a guy… what a lucky bastard he is! I mean look how fucking hot that woman is… my god… Just by looking at her wearing casual clothes your cock gets stimulated… She seems a little pissed off by the way… She's arguing loudly with this guy. When suddenly…

She watches right in your direction, crossing her eyes sight with yours. What a gorgeous face she has… you are dreaming to kiss thOss lips… while staring at those big eyes… When the girl you are dating breaks the magic: "Are you even listening to me?" …will she shut up for a second?! Jeez… "Yeah of course I am… keep talking I'm all ears." She starts talking again, and you start to look at Elizabeth… She's almost screaming right now.

"SO THAT'S ALL YOU HAVE TO SAY, HUH? I'm OUT OF HERE!" She angrily stands up and starts walking away… The dude is following her, trying to convince her… She's the dominant one, no question about it.