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Emilia shares you with her best friend Nathalie

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23 minutes


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[ Teasing ]  |  [ Choices ]  |  [ Storytelling ]


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[ Emilia Clarke ]  |  [ Nathalie Emmanuel ]

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"Hey, baby!" Your girlfriend, Emilia, runs up and greets you with an excited hug. She pecks you on the lips and smiles up at you.

"I'm so glad to finally be done with my shoot today. And, of course, to spend some time with my handsome boyfriend." She takes your arm as the two of you walk back to her apartment.

Once you're back at her apartment, Emilia settles in and cuts through your small talk. She stares at you with a sly grin while trying to work up the courage to ask you something. "So, um, you and I have been dating for a few months now. And it's great, it is! I love and adore you. But, I was also wondering if maybe… maybe you would be open to expanding our relationship?"

Emilia presses her chest up against your and smirks. "I know it's a bit unusual. But I think it'd be so exciting to share you." Emilia's hand cups your cheek tenderly. "I spend all day on set with my friend, Nathalie. And she always has to dress in those skimpy costumes for the show that just make her look… Mmmmm." Emilia closes her eyes wistfully and sighs.

Emilia goes from nervous to excited once you admit you're open to the idea. She giggles and throws her arms around you. "Oh, I'm so glad you're into it too. Nathalie will be thrilled! She flirts with me constantly and, well, I see her check you out too."