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Emily Ratajkowski (Pregnant, Breeding)

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[ Emily Ratajkowski ]

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Look who got knocked up! I’m so excited to be pregnant. Although, there are plenty of side effects. Like, I get all these odd cravings and my body feels weird. But also, my hormones are insane. I’m just so fucking horny all the time.

Like, all I can think about all day is getting my pussy filled with cum. Every time I see a cute guy, I imagine him blowing his load to me.

But no one wants to fuck a pregnant woman. Even one as hot as me. Honestly I’d give anything to drain some cum again. I used to be so hot…

But you… I see how excited you are. Do you have a pregnancy fetish? Oh you do, don’t you? How about you get naked for me and show me that cock of yours?

Oh my god. Just look at the size of that thing. Yes, I want you to jerk off to my pregnant body. Can you do that for me?

Just tease yourself. Graze over your tip lightly. Good.

Are you excited to see my belly grow? There’s something special about a baby bump, isn’t there?

Start stroking your cock nice and slow.