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Finally remembering New Year's eve, the night you fucked Mia Khalifa


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[ Hardcore ]


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[ Mia Khalifa ]

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New year's eve is passed by several months by now. One day you are just chilling on the couch… touching it feels strange… You keep touching it and focus And suddenly your mind starts floating back at a night… THAT NIGHT You are basically there again. For real. She's waiting for you. Her body is marvelous. Everything of her is perfect. Her slutty face, big tits and those heels… oh god. She asks you to follow her to the bathroom.

Now she's in the bathtub, her bikini can barely contain her huge tits. She's covered in foam, you are lost in her body. She noticed it and starts laughing

"You watching these?" She says while squeezing her tits. Your cock keeps growing in your pants, she's too fucking hot She laughs again while seeing your bulge bouncing for her

Her fingers are petting her big fake tits… you are wondering how heavy they are You start rubbing your cock with your hand… She's staring right at your bulge, smiling and biting her lips "You have been so sweet to me… I really…