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Fun with Hailee Steinfeld [Edging] [Fantasy]

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46 minutes


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[ Edging ]  |  [ Teasing ]  |  [ Choices ]  |  [ Endurance/Stamina ]

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"Hey, you there, follow me. I need to show you something"

"Ok now we're alone together. Show me what you're packing." "Hey, are you awake? Drop your pants!" "Wow, thats the biggest cock I've ever seen"

"Let's start off slow, slowly stroke it 30 times"

"That dick makes me want to dance on it. 50 Medium strokes now!"

"I bet you want to cum on my face already. I know my lips turn you on. But it's to soon for that. 100 fast strokes now"

"That's it, keep stroking for me, you'll maybe get lucky sooner or later. Let's slow it down again, 60 slow strokes for me."

"Do you like it when I bend down for you? I want 60 more slow strokes to appreciate my perfect booty"

"You're making me so horny. Show me 100 fast strokes and I'll get you a surprise."

"Get to the edge, NOW! Show me how much you want to cum for these perfect lips."

"That precum needs to get cleaned up. You know what? You deserved it"