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Good start to your day - Part 1

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You have no idea what you're in store for today. It will be an entire day of torture, humiliation and domination. Only partake if you are willing to give in to anything my friends and I say. You have to start this in the morning, first thing, before you shower. It needs to be done on a day where you have work or school and then some free time afterwards.

If you've done the first and second of these instructions, you have some idea of what you're in for. You will be our slave for the day- your only job is to please us and follow instructions. If you're a good little slave, you might get to cum. This one, however, will test your limits of what you're willing to do even more. If you accept the challenge prepare for a day of domination.

Get naked. Now! Slap your ass hard a few time and pinch your nipples to make sure you're awake.

Now get hard how ever you want. Feel free to use the previous pictures. As you get hard, I want you to tell yourself that you will be a slave today- a good slut who will do anything he's asked.

Grab that hard cock and stroke it 30 times, fast and hard. Lets get right into this!

Keep that pace up for 40 more. Pinch your nipples until they hurt!

Keep stroking slowly as you read my instructions. Get out of bed and go to the shower, stroking that hard cock as you walk to the bathroom. If you have other people in the house, I'll allow you to cover up with a towel, but keep your hand under it- stroking- unless you run into someone. When you get there, I want you to get in the shower and cum for me. Think of it as a little reward for being a slave for the day. Pound that cock nice and hard and come back when you finish.