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Good start to your day - part 2


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If you aren't already, go to the bathroom, into a stall, and pull your cock out.

How's your day going so far, slave. Have you been thinking about fucking that tight asshole agian? Or maybe how hard you came in the shower this morning? Start slowly stroking for 30 seconds.

Speed up until you're rock hard. I don't know if you are prepared for what's to come today.

Stroke fast and hard 100 times now! I'm going to edge you a bit for a nice frustrating start to the day.

Keep pounding it slave! 50 times, slower but making sure you get your whole dick.

Now edge! Pound it until you're about to cum.

Hands off! Wait for 10 seconds then get back to it! Pound it!

Hold your edge for about 30 seconds this time!

Hands off slave! See that cock I'm sucking? Think about how good it would feel to have that be yours.

Not that it ever will be. Look at my pussy being filled as you edge one last time. Hold it!

Hold it for 40 seconds this time, stroking away in that stall like the slave that you are.

Stop stroking! Pick up that precum on your pointer finger and rub it all over your face.