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Hannah Jeter - Stamina JOIP

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[ Endurance/Stamina ]

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You think I don't see you looking at my tits? Well I have been looking at your bulge and I like what I see Take out your cock.

That is one of biggest cocks I have ever seen! Stroke some more I want to see it grow.

I am excited to be working with a cock as big as yours, but I only finish guys off who can last. Do you have the stamina?

You look so hot stroking like that but we are just getting started

Your stroking is very impressive

You are getting me so horny! If you keep this up I might have to stroke you myself!

Keep stroking! I think you are going to make me faint!

Hold your edge for 5 more seconds. It's so cute to see you squirm.

Stop stroking! I can't have you cum before I have my turn!

(Hannah walks over to your cock) You have earned this! Let me give you more pleasure than you could ever imagine!

I can't believe you have lasted so long!

Wait, what? You are going to cum? Slap your cock hard for thinking that you get to decide when you get to cum!

Back to fast stroking! Admire my beauty but if you cum you will ruin it like a sissy.

If you want this again you have to make me cum.