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Having JOI fun with Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt

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15 minutes


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[ Teasing ]


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[ Alia Bhatt ]

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There you are! You remember what we had planned for today? Of course you do!

Nice that I can take a dominant role for once in our sex life , now unzip your pants and get that cock out for me. By the way , try not to cum too soon , if you do , we'll do this again .

I think you should get nice and hard for me while I get ready. Stroke as you will till ou are completely hard and ready.

Yay! Look at that , such a hard cock! 25 loose , slow strokes now.

You want these lips on your cock? These soft pink lips..15 strokes at a medium pace.

Imagine being sucked by my lips , as I tease and please every part of your cock. 30 strokes fast now.

You've been so good , so I am gonna kiss your cock! Stroke each time I kiss it , and do so 15 times.

I know you love my legs , you stare at them all the time . Now stroke 20 times at a medium pace , tight grip as you stare at them.

I am going to show off my legs as much as I can today , I don't think you can ignore my figure either. 25 fast strokes

So what are you looking at? My small , perky breasts or my long legs? Doesn't matter ,10 slow strokes for each of them

Oops!! I may have forgotten to wear anything underneath! You like naughty girls , right?