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Hayley Williams - A Tour of Music

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[ Hayley Williams ]

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Hey there! I'm Hayley Williams! But of course you knew that already right? And you are? A quiet one eh? That's ok I can work with that. I'm about to take a look back at all my music, care to join me?

Well you could at least put more enthusiasm in than that! Let's at least make it a bit of fun, what do you reckon? Great! How about this then? Yes that's right, get your cock out for innocent Hayley Williams and we'll look at all my music together.

A lot of people didn't really like the style I went for here but I think you do, judging by the way your cock is twitching! Don't worry, I'll go easy on you to start, I have quite a bit of music! How about you slowly rub your cock for me for…let's say, 45 seconds to warm up!

It was really fun filming this video and I got to writhe around the bed a fair bit, much to the producer's amusement. How about a full minute of slow stroking to the thought of your idol Hayley Williams writing around on a bed for a camera crew!

Going back an awful long time ago now to "Misery Business." Look how naive and innocent I am here! Before I got all the cock I could ever want, and I didn't get through each day trying to see how many different people I could fuck during my day to day business. How about you speed it up about now at the thought of that innocent version of me, so a medium pace for 30 seconds.

Oh you'll enjoy this one!! Haha! Yes, yes, I know. That picture is just made for a cock to be inserted into my mouth! How I never realised this at the time I'll never know! How about a full minute of furiously fast stroking to the thought of that being your member in my mouth!